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Speedtest Script (SaaS)

  • I have seen several posts of Speedtest / Bandwidth scripts, but are from years and years ago and I have not had any success.

    Has anyone encountered a speed test procedure that works currently?

  • I have created a couple that use custom fields. Is there a speedtest that you are looking for in particular? If you did not download the upstream pack i suggest you grab that and import the procedures. There is a speedtest procedure that you could grab from there.


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  • i made a iperf3 server and a script that sends a email with the results

    i have tested it and works fine on xp and windows 10

    when i start the script , i get a email with the results between the client and our server

    like this:

    Results Speedtest:

    Connecting to host ********** port 5201

    [ ID] Interval           Transfer     Bandwidth

    [  4]   0.00-1.00   sec  27.0 MBytes   226 Mbits/sec                  

    [  4]   1.00-2.00   sec  27.1 MBytes   228 Mbits/sec                  

    [  4]   2.00-3.00   sec  26.0 MBytes   218 Mbits/sec                  

    [  4]   3.00-4.00   sec  26.9 MBytes   226 Mbits/sec