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Restart not Shut Down?

  • Hi, I need to allow all desktop users in my clients network to be able to restart their computer but at the same time prevent them from shutting down.

    I set up a GPO to do this but instead it only allows them to log off, whats worse is that now the notebook users can't shut down and removing the GPO didn't fix things.

    Is there a script I can run to set this up?

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  • Hmm, no easy way to grant reboot without shutdown to my knowledge. One workaround is to completely disable the shutdown option and provide a script wired to something like "shutdown -r" or:


    When applying a group policy you might be able to exclude notebooks via WMI filtering capability of GPMC (if your clients are XP) if they all sharesome distinctcharacteristic (eg. hardware config) but this could be tricky. It is easier to place the laptops in a separate OU to which the shutdown GPO won't apply.

    After removing the GPO did you wait until the policies on the notebooks refresh (or do so manually)? You might need to apply a GPO that reenables the shutdown.

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