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Preventing multiple-machine procedure run

  • Hello,

    Has anyone found a way to prevent admins from scheduling/running a procedure on multiple machines?

    We would like some of our workers to use certain procedures but there is no role setting that would prevent them from just ticking the "all" box when scheduling (by-accident or intentionally). Using specific scopes is a no-go here.

    With old live connect we've used a specific homepage screen, that allowed certain procedures added there and we've disabled the normal "Agent Procedures" tab. This way they had to do live connect first before running a procedure, thus only allowing one machine at a time.

    Unfortunately, new live connect removed "Home" tabs.

  • you can still have them add the procedure to the quickview window that shows up when you hover over the machine icon, but the downside there is there is no scheduling, it's a default "run now"

  • We have a solution whereby a select Agent Procedure requires 2FA for each invocation, so if someone selected All 3000 agents and clicked Run Now, they'd get 3000 2FA authorization prompts. Only supports DUO at this time, but it has saved our bacon when a view showed 3 agents, we hit Select All and ran the procedure and realized something was wrong when the 4th 2FA request came up.

    The VSA Manager has the ability to override the 2FA request, but not regular users.


  • Glenn,

    Can you share this solution

  • Glenn,

    Were you able to setup 2FA with DUO with the VSA in terms of technicians logging in?



  • No - this is specifically to control a procedure within VSA, not logging into VSA.

  • Can you share how you've achieved it?