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Using Geturl with using Azure B2B guest access

  • I m trying to use the geturl agent procedure to download a file from our one drive share.  i have the correct link but it still need a login is there any way to add login info to that agent procedure to download that file

  • You might want to use wget.exe, which can provide credentials for downloading. cURL is an alternative and part of VSA, but I found that it was often an older version and went with wget so we could keep it up to date. We have since written our own download tool for maintaining our tools that's much faster than cURL or wget, but wget served us well for quite a while.

    Don't get stuck trying to be a "procedure purist" - leverage external commands whenever you need functionality not native to the procedure commands.


  • Another option would be Aria2, supports credential options, as well as p2p, or hybrid where a download source can load balance over any combo of p2p, ftp, and url based downloading. Particularly useful for moving massive files.