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How is Kaseya preparing for Flash being disabled in Chrome in July 2019

  • Is there an official response to what's happening with the use of Flash in some of the Kaseya modules, such as Agent procedures?  Flash is being disabled in Chrome in July.  As it is, I have to manually allow Flash to work in the browser to be able to edit agent procedures.  I would like to think that Kaseya is preparing for this.

    Can someone from Kaseya please advise what the plan is?



  • Hi David,

    The removal of Flash has been slated for some time and I believe the AP editor will be the first module to see this. The release of this is due before the end of May I believe but your best best is to check with .

  • At Connect 2018 (and apparently at Connect 2017) the transition to HTML 5 was announced.  So it's in the pipeline.  I wonder if that'll be an announcement at Connect 2019.

    I keep using IE for VSA for the AP module for now.

  • I think VSA server requires JAVA too, which Oracle is no longer providing free security updates for.....

  • Oscar Romero, could we please get an update on this?  Thanks for the replies guys, but I'm after a formal response from a Kaseya rep.

  • I'd like to bump this as I still have not seen or heard anything in the official channels yet.

  • HTML5 version has been in the works for awhile but no release date that I have heard of.

  • Agreed, it would be nice to get an update on this. can you shed any light on this please?

  • Ditto here, I am getting so frustrated with dealing with Flash, especially when working with procedures!

  • "Unofficial" expectation for GA is so not the next patch, but the one following.  

  • hahahahahahahahahah   you seriously believe it will ever happen. !!!! Kaseya is all talk no action.

  •  YEP! They talked about it in 2017 as the new "Kaseya Automation Builder" and they had a Beta at Connect 2018 detailing the 'New' Agent Procedure editor.....that was the last that I have heard of it.

  •  was that the same one where they also said that they were going back to calling it agent scripts instead of agent procedures? (which got a standing ovation as I recall). Or was that the year before... I've kind of lost track of the missed promises at this point...

  •  That might have been the year before.  This was the direction by Dana Epp before the big purge of staff in Q4 of 2017 that included Michael Duncan, Dana Epp, Nicolas Ponce and others that seemed to have the company going in the right direction with good communication.  Now they are busy playing a game of acquisitions without fixing their core product.....

  • Come on guys, there are still a lot of great characters with Kaseya that genuinely want to improve the existing base functionality. Recent choices indicate they got the message and are actually spending time fixing the core product. I'm likely to be unhappy with the amount of time it takes, but looking forward to this year bringing us fresh belief and direction. Did I mention I'm an optimist by nature, that might explain this endorsement... :-)

    Live Connect en Software Management are on their way to become the products they were supposed to be all those years ago when they were introduced and I've seen fresh design optons that are really going to help us do our daily jobs. That's the bottom line we all care about..... So, Kaseya, make it happen!