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Checking Domains for DKIM, DMARC, and SPF Records

  • Does anyone have a way that we can automate the checking of these DNS records via an Agent Procedure?

  • I've been working on this. I signed up for the API access for MXToolbox (Free for a limited number of queries per day)

    I then do the following in powershell:

    $request = 'https://api.mxtoolbox.com/api/v1/Lookup/ptr/?argument='

    $apiKey = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' (insert your MXToolbox API key here)

    invoke-webrequest $request -Headers @{ "Authorization" = $apiKey } -usebasicparsing | convertfrom-json | select -expand Information

    Voila....PTR lookup executed. you can pump the output to a file and feed back into Kaseya the usual way.

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