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Run vsa procedure automatically for new agents

  • I have some VSA procedure scheduled for specific view (like "all workstations") etc. The problem here is when we install agent on new PC, we need to schedule all our procedures again for that new PC. Is it possible to automatically schedule for a new PC for specific view that we already schedule specific vsa procedure for.


    Some small clarifications
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  • There is an alarm for new agent check-in. You can configure that to run any procedure you want. You MUST manually configure that setting for every new customer or machine group that you add.

    Our solution employs this to configure the agent, configure patching and application updating, install and/or remove applications based on the customer, run an audit, and then use the audit results to deploy and configure monitors. Adding agents with our RMM Suite is virtually "zero touch". If Kaseya would allow that alert to be defined by Policy, then the configuration would truly be fully automated.


  • What I do is create a custom field called e.g. "Initial Scripts Run" and leave it by default blank

    I then create a view that only displays machines where this same field is blank

    e.g. the Advanced Filter I use is  "Not Yes"

    Then I create a policy based on this view that includes the script(s) I want to run on new agents

    I usually set the script to "run once" as well

    And in the script the last line updates the Customfield to = "Yes"

    So once the script runs and the customfield has been updated the machines will no longer be visible to the view and therefore drop out of the Policy , and the scripts execution is removed

  • Thanks for answers. , very nice approach. I will test that.

  • It works great. Again, nice approach. Ty