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Tips for unattended install of Visio 2016

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So I've been fighting for a couple of days now on a procedure to deploy Visio 2016 to users that need the software.  I downloaded the ISO and copied all of the install files into Kaseya, created my config.xml for the visstd.ww folder but I'm having an issue getting the setup.exe to run properly.  Running tie setup.exe manually works fine, it actually pops open the dialogue box for the install, skips the EULA and installs fine.  Running it through Kaseya however setup.exe launches according to task manager but there's no notification of the install starting with DisplayLevel="Basic" in the XML.  I've tried run as System and Continue, run as System and Wait, impersonating an admin account before executing the setup.exe, creating a simple BAT file with Start "C:\Temp\Visio 2016 Standard\setup.exe" with no luck.

Hopefully someone here has some suggestions.

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  • I forgot to add another odd tidbit.  Running locally on the target machine if I run a command prompt and run: start "C\temp\Visio 2016 Standard\setup.exe" a new command window opens up with the Office logo and is titled C:\Temp\Visio 2016 Standard\setup.exe.  If I do a cd c:\temp\visio 2016 standard to go to the directory and then type in setup.exe the setup starts up with no problems.

  • I mostly fixed my own problem.  I modified my config.xml to Display Level="basic" CompletionNotice="no" SuppressModal="yes" AcceptEula="yes".  The only odd thing I'm running into is that I'm not getting the display of the progress.  It does install however but now it acts like I have Display Level="none" set.