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Expression, with error Failed to evaluate expression

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Procedure BriaX test.xml


I'm new to Kaseya and the forums, and I'm having trouble with an Agent Procedure that I've created to remove a legacy application from our environment. The specific error I am receiving in the Agent Log is "FAILED in processing IF step, Expression, with error Failed to evaluate expression". I have exported the Agent Procedure and attached it to this post so you can take a look. I'm trying to read the file version of the application's executable and then use that information to execute the correct removal command (because the application has a different one for each version of it).

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  • In case anyone's wondering ... issue still exists

  • You should use checkVar() to test your strings. EvaluateExpression() is for performing maths on variables (which you don't need in this case) and won't work with version strings that can't be directly interpreted as a number e.g. 5.34 would work but not 5.3.4.