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Avast silent uninstaller

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Good Morning,

Has anyone came across a silent uninstall procedure for removing Avast cloud care?



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  • you will need to find the uninstall string from audit, machine summary, software then add/remove tab. from there find the application and have it run in agent procedures.

  • From experience, you cannot remove the avast product silently the last time I checked.  Their installer does not support the standard msiexec /X uninstall string commands, and they have no built in silent removal options.  You can via script, bring up the screen that will allow the user to uninstall.  But that's the best you can do thru any means I tried.  

    ***I should add this refers to the free/unmanaged versions of the product.  It's my understanding there are some silent switches for the uninstaller if the product version is not the non-business/free versions but i can't speak to whether these work. 

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  • You can try this (forum.avast.com/index.php) people have had luck with it in the past. I am currently trying this as well for one of our clients.

  • I have had some experience with Avast and unfortunately a full silent removal could not be accomplished.  Perhaps later versions support this type of behavior.