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Unsure how to do this

  • I have a script that plays an audible alert for when specific servers go offline. I'm also looking for a way to have the script pop up a message box with the name of the server that triggered the alert without having to write a script for each server that we have this applied to.

    Is this possible?

  • Not sure if it's feasible in your environment, but it might be easier that if the alarm sends an e-mail to have that e-mail pop-up in your Outlook.  

    You could have a rule in Outlook for high priority alarms as follows:

    Apply after message arrives:

    from kaseya.alarms@mycompany.org

        and with "offline" in the subject

    display "Server Offline" in the New Item Alert window

       and move it to the "alarms" folder.

    Essentially the "New Item Alert" window will display a pop-up message (over any program) whenever the high priority e-mail is received.  You can also tailor your rule "and with 'offline' in the subject" to list only those specific servers, perhaps if those servers are somehow named the same (or add some kind of code or group to them to differentiate them from the others).  

    This has worked pretty well for me to pop-up critical alarms as we get them.  

  • We have it sending emails as well, however that is delayed from when the audible sounds. Sometimes upwards of a couple of minutes. We're looking for a way to have it notify at the same time.

  • Have you taken a look at Craigs NOC?  


  • What about utilizing the schedule procedure step to execute on another endpoint (your own or dashboard) and within that procedure you can have a send message utilizing the database variables you may be looking for.

  • What variable could we pull to get that information?

  • ,  Here is a list of variables that can be used inside a procedure that is called from an alarm:

    Within an Email

    Within a Procedure




    alarm duration



    alarm operator



    alert time



    alarm threshold



    event category


    not available

    Include a view.column from the database. For example, to include the computer name of the machine generating the alert in an email, use <db-vMachine.ComputerName>



    SNMP device name



    group ID



    machine ID



    monitoring log object name



    monitoring log object type: counter, process, object



    monitoring log value



    monitor set name



    subject text of the email message, if an email was sent in response to an alert



    body text of the email message, if an email was sent in response to an alert

    This is from the documentation here: http://help.kaseya.com/webhelp/en/vsa/6020000/index.htm?toc.htm?1936.htm

    You can use #id# in a procedure for the machine name that generated the alert..