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Let a user run a procedure

  • Hello. First time poster here...

    I'm trying to find a solution to letting the users start procedures targeting their own machines. This would open up for a lot of possibilities for us!

    At the moment I know that you can double-click the K-icon and get to a portal where you can schedule/run selected scripts. This is almost good, since I can't find a way to separate what procedures different customers see. The second complaint about it is the interactive experience where I much rather would give the user something to just double-click on the desktop.

    My own thoughts on this is to use the REST API and a script that we can deploy to the clients. According to the REST API documentation I have to authenticate while doing this, nothing strange really. If this is necessary I could setup a single account just for this script. BUT! I kind of feel that there is something stored on each client with the agent installed since they can access that portal without any authentication when they double-click the K-icon. So what is happening when the K-icon is double-clicked!?


    Do you know of any neat solution to let a regular user initiate a procedure on their own machine, preferably able to trigger thru a regular shortcut or similar?

    - J

  • Our maintenance suite has this capability and will be enhanced in the upcoming release. The new release - about 2-3 weeks out, will provide the ability to deploy a custom config file to the agent. In it, you can specify up to two actions. If the actions are defined, buttons appear on the user interface (custom tool) that will trigger the corresponding event on the agent machine. We have used this in the past to allow users to run any missed maintenance cycles, but this has been a common request from our clients. [A future release will add a "Self Service" button that will pop-up a second dialog with many more than two available actions.]

    Our process is pretty straightforward - you push out the config file that defines up to two response IDs. The user launches the interface from the system tray, hovers over the button for info, then clicks. Within seconds, the procedure is triggered and executing. This method uses a GUI that includes the MSP logo, providing the user with the assurance that they are using a valid tool. This tool can also restrict the process to "run once" either per system or per-user. Our EMM suite will cost $0.25 US per month for each workstation agent where it is deployed. This is just one of over 30 Maintenance, Smart Monitor, and Utility applications that are part of our EMM suite. We'll have an update on our web site and the application exchange within 2 weeks.

    There's a DIY solution for this - although without the run once and remote configuration features, or a nice looking GUI.. It also requires some basic programming skill.

    1. Create a monitor set for an event log event that you create. Use your MSP Name for a Source identifier to insure it's unique. Associate a procedure with the event, then deploy it to the target systems.

    2. Deploy a BAT file to the All Users desktop that runs EventCreate and generates that event as an INFO type. You can invoke VBScript to display a confirmation dialog or any other pre-run tasks or notifications.

    A similar process can be deployed to Mac platforms.