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getFile into a common directory

  • I've had a few ideas where it would be nice to run an agent procedure that creates a file on every workstation at a client, and then retrieve those files to the KServer.

    The problem then is retrieving the files.   I can either hover over the icon for every workstation and go to Get File, or I can search thru over 7000 folders in the \Kaseya\UserPorfiles folder on the KServer.

    Is there a better way to do this?  It would be nice to be able to use getFile to copy files into a common folder.

    - Marc

  • Perhaps this will help - community.kaseya.com/.../80835.aspx

  • Transferfiles.PNG

    Just use the "TransferFile" step in an agent procedure

    You can specify to which machine it is transferred e.g. to the "VSA", and what specific folder to transfer to

    e.g. c:\kaseya\webpages\managedfiles\vsasharedfiles\Transfers

    So in the Step you need to provide the full machine name for your VSA

    And an absolute path including filename, but as below I add to the filename the machinename as a variable so I can send the same file from multiple machines and each filename  is then tagged with the machine name as well to differentiate them from each other



    See Attached Pic for example

  • So, I thought I saw a good trick in that post.  

    I tried making the destination of getFile to be ..\..\_CompanyName\vMachineName#.html  so it would put all the files from all the agents on the KServer in \kaseya\UserProfiles\_CompanyName.    But, it would not let me do that.    If I start the destination with ..\ it shows an error on that line and won't let me save it.

    Actually...   It lets me start with ..\ , but it won't let me start with ..\..\   Just going up a single level still has me in the folder for the agent.  It would just be out of the getFiles folder.   I would need to go up 2 levels to get into a common folder.

    - Marc

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  • Awesome!   TransferFile did the trick.   All the files were copied into the same folder.    Using this methodology, the KServer doesn't even need to be the destination.  I could drop them right on my workstation!


    - Marc

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  • Using getFile to be ..\..\  was blocked by Kaseya many versions ago as it posed a security risk

    So use Transferfile instead and yes , you can copy them anywhere

  • Does Transferfile work with wildcards? I'm wanting a different file which name and contents is modified depending on what day it is ran  to be transferred from a particular folder on the agent to a location on the Kserver designated to the agent? and then removed once uploaded. But if the name changes I will need to use a wildcard of some sort. can this be done?