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Can't run powershell script via agent procedure - non admin user

  • It is not a problem run a powershell script when user has admin rights on pc. 

    But can't get it to work when user is not admin.

    Tried various combinations , usecredentials and executepowershellasuser, executepowershell, impersonate user etc...

    Non of them is working for me. 

    Local execution of powershell works.

    Generally, I copy script to working directly and then execute it. No errors in log procedure.

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  • It seems it was a problem with kaseya agent itself. I reinstalled agent on that machine and it works.

    I used executepowershellasuserx64 as a settings.

  • Hello,

    I also encountered this problem and opened a ticket in Kaseya. Their reply:

    If this command needs to be run as administrator, then it will unfortunately not

    run via Agent Procedure as agent procedure does not have a method of running commands with elevated permissions. Please see the following tech jam that

    explains this further: www.youtube.com/watch