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AVG Pro Install Script

  • We are starting to roll out AVG Pro to our clients as it comes time to renew their AV. We are not using the Kaseya AVG, this is completely separate.

    I have found only a little documentation on scripting the install. We need to be able to silently install the product, configure options, set it to sync to a server (or update directly from the internet in the case of stand-alone machines), and input the license key. The scripts I have seen floating around this forum for the Free version will not work as they cannot configure options and cannot input a license key.

    I am working on trying to develop such a script but was hoping that someone might already have something that I could use or hack to my needs.

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  • If you install the AVG Admin and a database on a machine, you should also have the STool available. That makes a modified installation using the options you want - including the license number, server info, etc.

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    Very easy..

    DL the Installer file off the AVG website, and I renamed it avg.exe

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