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Procedure to find User Profile sizes and then to report on them

  • Hi

    Anyone know a way to get the user profile sizes from a workstation that has an agent on it and then be able to report on them ?  Would be good to run something to check the sizes and then report if over a certain size or check the sizes and then the report can be filtered from profiles over a certain size.



  • Hi Jeremy, you could use Get-DirStats.ps1 from gallery.technet.microsoft.com/.../Outputs-directory-size-964d07ff

    .\Get-DirStats.ps1 -Path C:\Users -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue | where {$_.Size -ge 10000000000}

    That should show you all profiles over 10GB, or return nothing if there is no profiles over 10GB.

    If you use an agent procedure step to execute the powershell and choose to save output as a variable you could then check if the variable contains 'Path' (i.e. there is at least one big profile) and if it does you can have it email you, raise a ticket, or take whatever other action you like.