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3rd Party App Patching Methods? Not KSDU, Chocolatey or Ninite.

  • We're currently working through some issues with KSDU, and need to continue to manage 3rd party updates on endpoints.

    What other methods are people employing to manage these updates etc.


  • Shavlik is the grand daddy of third party patching but I am curious what you don't like about Ninite?  We tried KSDU for about a minute and then simply wrote Agent Procedures for Ninite as that was much simpler

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    Are you looking at pointers to improve upon preventing issues with KSDU or complete alternatives like running Ninite through it's own procedure?

    As far as KSDU goes - I have created Views for each individual software then I have policies that attach the specific KSDU profile to the system.  I filter one-off exclusions via a Custom Field in the Views.

    We used to do the Ninite scripting but went away from it as the reporting/validation of patching proved difficult.