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WOL - Wake All Devices

  • Does anyone know if Discovery will generate an output file like LAN Watch used to? Looking for something like the old LAN_Stat.xml file that had all the MAC Addresses for devices on the network, which was used as input file for a script to Wake All the Devices.

  • Are you wanting to be able to run this on *everything* on the network regardless of it has an agent on it, or are you looking for just machines with agents?

  • Everything, regardless if it has an agent. If a device is online, then it will ignore the WOL Packet.

  • From what I can see looking at some of the systems I run it on, it does generate something like that but I'm not sure exactly where it ends up putting it when it pulls it back to the kaseya server.  However on the systems where I'm running it there is a file in the c:\kworking\Lanwatch\temp directory that appears to have what you are looking for, but the naming might give you issues trying to script it.  For example in my case the file was named: