Hello All, 

I was wondering if someone can help me build a script to deploy an application on our MAC machines. I tried the commands on terminal on a local mac and worked with no issues. now i am trying to install it for all our macs ( about 80) and would be very helpful if i can use the Kaseya agent already installed on all the machines to do so. the process needed i guess would be download the file, then run the installer. the local commands in order are below. 

Appreciate all the help. 

curl -o /tmp/jumpcloud-agent.pkg "https://s3.amazonaws.com/jumpcloud-windows-agent/production/jumpcloud-agent.pkg"
echo YOUR_CONNCT_KEY > /tmp/JumpCloud-Connect-Key.txt
sudo installer -allowUntrusted -pkg /tmp/jumpcloud-agent.pkg -target /