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Detect if server is running in Azure

  • Hi
    could need some pointers here

    What I am after is to detect if a machine is running in Azure and based on true i want to run and agent procedure
    And only run that procedure once if the software is already there

    I found this PS script that looks to give me the answer

    What would be the best way to make my goal work ?

  • Hello FredrikO,

    You can create an Agent Procedure (AP) that execute that script you refer to. After the script is executed you can write the result to a text file and get it by the AP to fill a Custom field in Agent. On that Custom Field, you create A view what runs an AP Once and then remove the Agent from the view. Another option is to create a Policy with Policy Mgt that runs an AP Once and then removed the Agent from the selected view.

    Hope this information will help you


  • Hi  PJorritsma

    Sounds like a very god suggestions

    Will give that a try

  • Hi FredrikO,

    If you have question about it just shoot. Would like to hear you outcome.