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Web Services API returns strange results

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I've been working on getting an request client created to handle auth and request sent. I've completed the REST portion of this and all results have returned as expected but unfortunately not everything is available in REST yet so I want to also include SOAP in this as well so if/until it is no longer needed we can take advantage of it. My first two test with it were using GetMachineGroupList (this works fine, every time) to get a list of available groups and then trying to requesting a list of machines in one of the groups using GetMachineList. GetMachineList is where my troubles began - I send the request for a group that I've been viewing via my browser for a while in kaseya and I'm able to return results for that but no other groups. If I switch groups in my browser version of Kaseya I'm unable to immediately request a list of machines but if I give it time I am able get them however but I'm unable to make a request for the previous one after this. Is there a way to ensure I get the requested results each time using the Web Services? While I can use REST to get the machines I want to make sure SOAP is returning what I need it to should I need something that isn't available in REST (ServiceDesk for instance,)

If anything needs clarification please let me know.

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  • That's how the API was designed

    The note attached to the "GetMachineList" method  reads,

    "..Returns an array of all machines the authenticated account has privileges to see..".

    If you use your own account and are changing scopes etc then you willlimit what the API can access.

    So create a new user account specifically for the API to use and make it a master account.