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Registry file import to OS via procedure does not work anymore

  • Hi,

    on-premises VSA version: 

    Trying to import registry to the OS x64 (w7,w8,w10) via procedure - show "success then" but registry not appearing. OS x86 works fine all commands.

    Registry File location c:\file.reg . VSA version

    What i try to do and registry not appearing:

    trying import via procedure: Executeshellcommand regedit.exe /s c:\file.reg

    trying import via procedure: ExecuteFile C:\Windows\SysWOW64\regedit.exe arguments to pass: /s c:\file.reg

    trying import via command line using Live connect: regedit.exe /s c:\file.reg

    trying import via command line using Live connect: reg import c:\file.reg  - showing command completed successfully

    I think this is Kaseya  bug because i used these commands 12 months ago and it works with x64 bit systems fine.

    Could you advice me please how to solve this problem?

    Thanks Wink

  • hi ,

    As a guess, do you have a step early on in your agent procedure that checks for 32-bit/64-bit OS?

    I have seen very similar things happen before after re-applying the schema, where some procedure IF steps get dropped.

    Take a look in the agent procedure logs for a machine where you have run this procedure and see if it shows where the script failed. If it was on checking for the OS bitness, then re-applying the schema again may be your friend.

    This happened so often to us that I started checking for 32 or 64 bit a completely different way in my scripts.

  • Hi JB1975,

    No i didn`t use any steps to check OS 32 or 64 bit os. Like i told i try to use this command via Kaseya Live Connect , using command line . Looks like command compleded successfully but registry did not changed.

    When i try the same command from OS using cmd, it works fine.

  • Even the actual step may have a similar OS issue

    e.g.If the step is set to run on "All Windows Operating Systems" I have seen the bug where Kaseya thought the OS was Mac ... and so wouldn't run the script as the command was invalid for a MAC .. even though the actual machine was Windows

    So as per JB1975 ... reapplyschema fixed it