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ESET activation via script/procedure?

  • Hello,

    would anyone know if you can activate ESET end point security (6.4) via agent procedure?

    thanks heaps!

  • Hi Iomenak,

    I don't know what settings are changed by ESET during the activation process, however, I know you can pre-create an ESET install package which includes license information (activation).  You would need to use ERA (ESET Remote Administrator) to do this.

    ERA Download:  www.eset.com/.../download

    Instructions for creating installer package:  support.eset.com/kb6097

    If you end up using ERA, you can just use a task to activate without creating a unique install package.

    Instructions for ERA activation task:  support.eset.com/kb3598

    There is an ESET plugin for Kaseya, but it has limited functionality and I see no way to activate from it.