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Change group by agent procedure?

  • I'm sure I know the answer to this and I'm sure you're all going to say you can do that using naming policy, but is there any way at all to move a agent to another group using an agent procedure?

  • I know this is an old post, but for the benefit of those who stumble across it...

    Officially, "No" as expected.

    That said, you could also do a reinstall with a generic kcssetup.exe with cmd line parameters;

    /c /g=root.unnamed /r /w /s

    where you replace root.unnamed is replaced with the group.org you want it to join.  the .r is reinstall and the /w is overwrite existing config... /g obviously being the org/group in reverse order.

    and corrected a typo
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  • Thanks Kirk, that's what we figured and started doing eventually. Mostly to re-home laptops when engineers make site visits and their machines get moved by naming policy.