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shared and private folder contents from all users

  • I made a new User Role for the technicians here. Usually they all have Master, which is not good especially with new guys joining. Anyways, the only issue I am having is with showing the agent procedures and Reports. When you are a master admin you have the ability to go into settings and check off  " Show shared and private folder contents from all users". How can I enable this for limited tech accounts?

  • We have a lot of "shared" procedures which is the reason for the question. But as a basic end user, only their own procedures show up.

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    There is no option to allow all non-Master/non-System users to see all procedures by default.  Instead, you'd need to make sure the appropriate folders/procedures are shared with each user OR with a role to which all of your techs have access.

    To share a folder:

    Right click on the folder

    Click Share Folder

    Select the role(s) and or user(s)

    Select the Share Rights (at the top of the pop-up)

    Click the "Add" button

    The selected role(s) and/or user(s) should then have the selected access to the folder and objects within that folder.  Repeat the above for any additional folders.  Note:  you cannot set these permissions at the cabinet level, just at the folder.

  • Hi Brande,

    How about for private folders?



  • You can't share private folders

    The best you could do is create a new Shared Folder called e.g. "Private - Shared" , add the share permission required for the Role you created , and then get the individual techs to copy their procedures etc into this new folder.

  • OK, I will look into that. Thanks guys. I appreciate the help!