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Turn on Outlook Automatic Picture Download on all Kaseya managed workstations

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When we send an email to our clients that a ticket is closed, the email includes a quick survey with three icons they can choose from. By clicking on one of the icons, we get a quick sense of whether we've done well or need improvement with this client.

Unfortunately, most clients have the option to automatically download images in Outlook turned off as that is the default setting. Normally, I'd be OK with this as there are security concerns with embedded images, but we're not getting survey results because our clients just don't see the faces above to click on.

I know we can use group policy to change that setting in Outlook at the client domain level, but I'd like to see if there's a way to use Kaseya agent procedures to achieve the same results. Does anybody reading this have any suggestions or do we just go client by client, install the Outlook ADMs for the versions of Outlook our clients use, and then push the policy out?

Kevin Gamin

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    You could theoretically do this via Agent Procedures.  Most of the Outlook settings are stored in the registry, so you could use the setRegistryValue() step to add the appropriate information.  The challenge here is that most Outlook settings are per-user, so the registry value would be stored in HKCU.  The setting would only be applied if it's run as the user, and then only apply to the user who was logged in at the time the AP executed.  

    An alternative would be to create a batch file, place the .bat file on the machine, and then execute the .bat file when someone logs in (use Event Log monitors to watch for login, then execute an AP as the action associated with the event log monitor).  This would place the reg key/value for the logged in user.  Placing the .bat file in the startup folder would ensure it runs for each person who logs into the computer (if that's a concern).  You could use either Agent Procedures or Distribute Files to deliver the .bat to the endpoint(s).  

    You can get fancier by allowing the .bat file to run only once using some additional registry settings, but this might not be necessary.

    I found a number of references online which detail the appropriate registry key (though you'd want to verify they are correct for the version(s) of Outlook your folks are running.  One such resource is here:  answers.microsoft.com/.../2a7e63e0-81c1-4c97-a9e3-f7416662a30d

    I recommend you start simple and build in additional complexity (if needed) once you have the basics working.  This approach makes troubleshooting the initial build much easier.