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Inserting data-entry into a script to run a SQL shutdown. How to?

  • I'm having this client who uses a unknown for me database named 'faircom server'

    It seams that it's a NO SQL database accord to their web site.

    They don't have support for that so I'm trying the community here for my question:

    The database MUST be shutdown before the machine can be shutdown or restart. If not, the database got's corrupted.

    The shutdown process involve typing a password once you open a program to shutdown it.

    How can I create a script that would to all that? Open the Faircom shutdown program, insert the password and shudown the SQL, them after that , restart the Windows server?

    Any ideas?


  • Is this the right product/admin guide?  It may have some guidance for you.


  • Hello Ehm01,

    You can run a script every time a server shuts down as below:

    Run gpedit.msc (Local Policies) or create a Group Policy on your DC applicable to that machine only.

    Then go to:

    Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Scripts -> Shutdown -> Properties -> Add a script.

    Inside the script you can call your executable + password parameter.

    Also from the documentation posted from karoded you can read the below:

    Stopping the c-treeACE Service

    The c-treeACE service can be stopped by using either the Microsoft sc.exe

    command or the Windows Services Control Panel applet, or the net stop command.


    C:>  net stop "c-treeACE SQL"

    The service stops automatically when Windows signals the operating system itself is shutting

    down. A clean shutdown of Windows should result in a clean shutdown of the

    c-treeACE service. However, since Windows only allows a 20-second delay for service shutdown,

    FairCom recommends all files be maintained under transaction processing to allow automatic

    recovery if cache cannot be safely flushed to prevent data corruption. The default 20-second

    delay can be adjusted using the WaitToKillServiceTimeout registry key, found in

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\, when present.

    Windows Vista and later allow a new Service PRESHUTDOWN notification, which gives the

    service extra time to complete its shutdown. This can help to avoid a lengthy auto

    -recovery if the server has too many cache pages to flush within the SHUTDOWN limit.

    More information here:


    Best Regards