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Can anyone explain Powershell (in relation to Kaseya)>

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Basically there is 5+ ways to execute powershell via a procedure and I spent most night slamming my head into the keyboard trying to figure the right one out.  Anyone have insight in Kaseya madness here?

I can run the same procedure multiple ways - and usually none of them work!

  • Cant access UNC scripts
  • Can access UNC scripts, no output
  • Sometime output doubled, from console works fine
  • ...
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  • Hello Damian,
    I personally prefer to run the specific Powershell commands (System / User, 32/64 bit) and run those conditionally depending on the environment (Kaseya provides the tools to do all checks prior to run the correct version of the function).

    And I also prefer to copy whatever script that cannot be condensed in a "one liner" locally to the machine where it has to run (this generally removes the need of checking for folder permission etc) and it only takes a simple WriteFile step in the Agent procedue (plus of course keeping the scripts organized inside the kaseya "shared files" folder.

    So, not sure if that is the reason why I don't have problems but all of my powershell calls are successful.

    If you had posted a specific example may be I could lend you some specific help.

    This one works without issue for me (simple example)