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How to extract an exe in a procedure

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I am working on a procedure to silently update itunes. The procedure needs to download the exe and then extract the contents, and install several files one at a time. I am able to do it via command line using the /extract switch, how to do the /extract in a procedure?

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  • Hello Tiredeli,

    What we do is we extract first the exe to get the msi installers inside.

    We use a free tool (7-zip) you can download at www.7-zip.org (it's a free open source tool).


    msiexec /i AppleApplicationSupport.msi /qn
    msiexec /i iTunes.msi /qn

    To install Itunes silently.

    We normally do not push the exe to the end users but once we extract the mis we re-compress them back using 7-zip that

    generally makes files smaller than most compression tools.

    This is our ITunes Automatic Deployment procedure if you are interested:

  • What about to use CHOCOLATEY instead (https://chocolatey.org/)? We created a procedure that silently install it and run package install on machines. It works, it's free.