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Variable/SQL View of 'Admin Email' (located under 'Edit Profile')

  • Need a SQL View or SQL Read to pull up the Admin Email variable.

    I've tried All Listed Database views (Agent Procedure Runable) but was unable to locate the respective data.

    Anyone with KServer access and SQL knowledge able to find out the 'View' I should be using. If it doesn't exist is there a SQL Read command which will get this info?

    I'd normally just grind until I find the answer but I don't have KServer access, let alone SQL access, and I've searched for quite some time without much luck.

    Thx in advance. 

    Also if you suggest, "use managed variables", I'll hit you. Angry

  • not sure if this is what you are looking for or not;

    VSA user Email address


    This will give you the admin email address for the VSA admin that scheduled/executed the agent procedure

  • Neat, tried it, but no. Thank for a response though!

    Where to edit:
    Agent > Configure Agent > Edit Profile

    What to edit:
    Admin Email

    Why I want it:
    Built into kaseya.
    Not a managed variable.
    Not custom data set.
    Can be set through policies.
    Agent specific data.
  • That would be #vAgents_Machines.adminContact# I think.

  • Genuis!

    Love your work, huge fan, Thx!

  • DatabaseViews.xlsx

    Also... May or may not be of use to you.

    Here is my (current) library of kaseya Database views. 

    Sheet2 gives you the procedure you can use to obtain a .txt file with real data. This way you can see exactly which data corresponds to a database view when called in an agent procedure 

  • Great work  

     If you also want the database table it is called dbo.users.

    The column would be ContactEmail.