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Deploy Kaseya using a script

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Any one was able to deploy kaseya agents via VBS script. 

We have multiple users on a different platform that we need to be able to run VBS scripts to download and install kaseya silent. 

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  • ,  You could simply put your KCSSetup.exe in the Login script.   When you create your Deployment package, just make sure to check the "Silent Install" box.    Another option would be to run Discovery, and push the agent out.  This is easiest in a Domain environment, where you have a common admin password.

    The installation process is pretty easy, you could even email a link to your Deployment package to your clients, and ask them to install it for you!

  • I'm not familiar with VBS, but if you need to get the installer into an MSI format I've had some success with that and GPOs.

  • Chris. We tried using Domain discovery. but we can see the agent on the portal but it never checks in. any ideas why?

  • when you say different platform... do you mean other that Windows, or other then Kaseya.... if it is other then Kaseya... can you just deploy using the other platform? if that platform doesn't belong to you... and discovery isnt work... you can use PSEXEC and pull the PC names from a csv file