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Execute batch file through kaseya

  • FTP.bat.txt

    I wrote a batch file that uploads a few files to my FTP server. When i run it manually it works but i cannot get the batch file to execute through kaseya script. Anyone know why?

    I tried "execute file" and "execute shell command" as user and system account. batch file is attached just edit line 3,4,5 with your ftp info. 

  • Are you getting any sort of error in the agent procedure log? Agent>Agent Logs> Agent Procedure Logs

  • no error but script usually hangs because the cmd.exe process continues running and doesnt end. It normally takes 10-30 seconds to run this batch file when done manually.

  • A few things:  One> since you are in a bat file you could throw some echo's to a log file to find out where it is hung  Two> is the firewall enabled? (netsh firewall set opmode disable) Three> ExecuteShellCommand as system in 64bit....if you are running in a 64bit environment