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In a procedure statement, how to schedule another procedure for a specific time?

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We have a 5-hour window during which procedures that force a reboot need to be scheduled (12:00 AM to 5:00 AM). We have a procedure that checks for software updates needed. Right now, we just have the procedure email us and let us know that a procedure needs to be scheduled (at which point a technicians schedules it to occur in the overnight hours).

The "scheduleProcedure()" statement only lets you specify a delay in minutes, but I'd really like a method that we can use to schedule them to run at, say, 2:00 AM instead. Does anybody have a method we can use to automatically schedule procedures to occur at a specific time (or during a specific time range)?


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  • You can get the procedure to check the current time and then reschedule itself if out side your window


    Original script schedules 2nd script to run in 30mins

    When script2 runs it checks the current time

    If its outside the window it schedules itself to run again in 30mins and then exits

    It keeps doing this until such time as it falls inside the window and then continues on to the steps that do the reboots