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KServer license status check

  • Hi,

    anybody having an agent procedure / script to "daily" check / alert on the Kserver license expiration status.


  • What is your end-goal for this?  From what I understand, most licenses are annual and your account manager should be aware and follow-up with you and/or your company when getting close to license expiration.

  • Unfortunately it didn't and we got in maintenance expired !!!

  • easiest thing for you to do is set up a SQL job that runs - here is the text for the job to do what you are wanting...  Obviously - change the 30 and 7 to whatever values you want and you can schedule the job to run as frequently as you need.


    @Return int,

    @message varchar(250),

    @recipients varchar(256)

    select @Return = DateDiff(dd,getDate(),value) from vdb_licenseValues where ref = 'Expiration'

    IF @Return < 30


      Select @message = 'Kaseya License is getting close to expiration (' + Convert(varchar(6),@Return) + ' days left)'




     IF @Return < 7


      Select @message = 'Kaseya License expires in less than 1 week (' + Convert(varchar(6),@Return) + ' days left)'



    -- Change your email address to email distribution group or person who needs to get

    -- Success Notification

    SET @recipients = 'bob@msg.com'

    if (len(@message) > 0)


    EXEC msdb.dbo.sp_send_dbmail

    @recipients = @recipients,

    @body = @message,

    @subject = @message,

    @profile_name = 'DefaultMail' ;


  • @Chris Clancy Thanks for sharing your SQL skills, learned a few new things by playing around with it and now I have a SQL Agent Job that will warn me for this. Smile

  • No problem - I use that particular job to check that our # of agents doesn't max out unexpectedly with this line

    SELECT @Return = (SELECT value FROM vdb_LicenseValues WHERE licenseType > 0 and partitionId = 1 AND dataType <> 2 and licensetype = 1) - dbo.fn_GetUsageAgentsFiltered(1, '')

  • This is what I like the most finding like minded people that you can also learn from;

    I figured out how to replace some of those additional IF steps with a CASE and it works pretty well with that agent license select query Big Smile

    IF @Return < 101


    WHEN (@Return < 1) THEN 'Kaseya Agent License count Critical (' + Convert(varchar(6),@Return) + ' Agent licenses left)'

    WHEN (@Return < 10) THEN 'Kaseya Agent License count Very  Low (' + Convert(varchar(6),@Return) + ' Agent licenses left)'

    WHEN (@Return = 100) THEN 'Kaseya Agent License count is Low (' + Convert(varchar(6),@Return) + ' Agent licenses left)'

    END AS vMessage)


  • Cool info - thank you. I've added the license expiry and max agents into to my NOC system.

  • Hi Chris,

    where did you get this ......dbo.fn_GetUsageAgentsFiltered(1, '') ?


  • would like to get the following

    Maxlic - nbr of agents - KNM Licenses => remaining

  • that SQL function already does that math for you regarding KNM - here is what it calls to get the "KNM Licenses"

    SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Inventory.knmLicenseUsage WHERE (partitionId = 1)

  • yes, I have that one, but is there a count for the nbr of agents installed ?

  • total agents that aren't KNMi -> select count (distinct agentGuid)  from agentState

  • ok thks Graig