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Referencing Lan Cache URL in a script

  • I'm writing a procedure which needs to pull some dynamic files from a share on the local network. I'd rather NOT have to create a new share when we have the "Lan Cache" functionality in Kaseya.

    Has anyone been able to create a script variable that references the agent's assigned Lan Cache URL? I'd have to reference this directly and not just write a file from the Lan cache. Again, I could just create a new share on each locations server - but that seems pretty redundant.

    I've looked at the SQL Database Views but don't see any references to Lan Cache there.

  • Hi

    I think from your question, the following suggestion may work.
    It sounds as though you want to dynamically call the respective LAN cache for a group(s) of agents.
    You can assign a path/lan cache to a machine group as a managed variable and leverage that managed variable in your procedure.

    Perhaps, I misunderstood your request but it sounds like this might be what you are looking for.

  • The is a SQL database view you can use, vPatchConfiguration.LanCacheUNCPath

    I've used this in a few scripts with no issues