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Report Internet Explorer versions

  • Hi all,

    We check our reports on daily base for the "free" software in the KSDU catalog.

    But until this day we never checked IE versions. So I went to the drawing board, took another report as example and tried to check the version of IEXPLORE.EXE

    That obviously did not go well. A few hours later I still have nothing. Yes I can check the version via a reg check, but I do want a report with statistics, instead of boring white emails and an excel.

    So help is appreciated.

    What is the easiest way to accomplish our goal?

  • I am actually planning on doing this very soon, right now we have a SQL Query pull versions from the database and log them in custom fields so they are easy for helpdesk to check in the agent status window. I am thinking of updating the SQL Query to remove some numbers after the third period... still researching exactly how many... as that is what generally causes the number of versions to explode and destroy the pie chart... since we are generally more interested in the major versions.

  • Hi  

    My understanding is you created a report to filter for Internet Explorer and it probably came out something like this:

     created a procedure to collect this information from the registry and store it in a custom field.


    I imported the procedure, created the custom field, updated the procedure to use my specific custom field, and it works as expected on the machines I have tested.

    You could then run a report against the Audit Data Set > Select your custom field:

    This does NOT filter out some of the numbers as  requested, perhaps we can come up with a solution that does that as well.

    Let me know if this helps at all or this is what you were already looking at when you referenced registry key checks.

  • Procedure Get IE Version (Customizable).xml

    I found the above script to not return values everytime, not sure if anyone else noticed that?

    Attached is one I just made that gets IE version for everything and allows you to customize the string before logging it into a custom field.

    Here is the SQL Read XML required for it to work:

    queryDef label="Get IE Version" sql="SELECT SUBSTRING('#global:myIeFull#',0,LEN(RIGHT('#global:myIeFull#', LEN('#global:myIeFull#') - CHARINDEX('.',REVERSE('#global:myIeFull#'))))+#myIeEdit#)" />

  • Hi Guys,

    Almost lost track of this!

    Thank you very much for the answers, but when I try to import the procedure I get this message.

    Do i something wrong?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi  

    Your image is not showing properly for me, however when trying to import 's Agent Procedure - I get the following message:

    It appears to me the script is using a no longer supported feature ++SQLCMD command:


    Perhaps, can help clarify if he using an older version of Kaseya or he knows a way to work around the import/export of a procedure with ++SQLCMD steps.

    However, the script provided in the previous community link did not seem to present any problems for me - what type of issues are you seeing with it?

  • We are using 9.1 with latest patch... the issue is you need to add the SQL Read procedure on the K Server SQL xml pages first before you import the procedure otherwise it will error out.  You can look up how to add the SQL Read in the procedure help section I believe.