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DHCP scope monitoring

  • Guys, I want to be able to manage my DHCP scope utilizations across all servers.. Does anyone have an agent procedure that would read the scope utilization and then  have it setup with an alert if it gets to like 20 available IP's left?

  • You can monitor the event ID below:


    You can also change this threshold with this registry key:


  • Network Infrastructure - DHCP Lease Availability Event Monitoring.zip

    I have made these 2 event monitor sets, not sure if they are working as I have not run into a scenario where we have run out of DHCP leases yet.

    To use you will need to apply them to the System Log, (E) = error events and (W) = warning events. The Warning event monitor set starts creating alerts at 10 DHCP leases left, you can increase it to 20 by adding additional lines.

  • when i try to upload your xml file. i get the following message

    The Monitor Set was not a valid Kaseya Monitor Set xml format. Error: 0

  • Try and open it with notepad and copy and past the contents into the import frame. If that does not work just use notepad to view it and use the event ID's etc to create them from scratch.