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Problem Installing MS Product (Visio 2013) from network location

  • I have been trying to install MS Visio 2013 from a network location and it keeps failing on Step 2.

    Which is strange because the reason it fail in the Agent log is that it cannot find the file, but I am having it TestFile() to make sure that it can see it.

    Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get an office install to run from a network location?

    The work around is that I zip up the install and send to users machine, then unzip and have it install from there.

  • I had similar troubles deploying MS Office when I first tried it and found that;

    1) Testing and sometimes executing files in a UNC path was never 100% reliable

    2) Mapping UNC path to network drives works better if do it as the system account, but you have to use network credentials to connect to the share using the "/user:#USERNAME# #PASSWORD#" switch. There is a reason for it but its not something I want to go into here.

    3) Using mapped network drives for deployments is much too unreliable

    Now I'm not saying my way is the only or best way but so far it has worked pretty well for me so far and this is what I do;

    So what I do instead is I test if the computer is in the right network by checking the value of the Connection Gateway (#vMachine.ConnectionGatewayIp#) and the Default Gateway (#vMachine.DefaultGateway#), you can do this by checking the expected values against Managed Variables, I also put the UNC path for the file share I use for all my applications for each site in a Managed Variable.

    The main reason I use the Managed Variables is because if any these values changes for any of the sites then I don't have to modify all of my procedures I just update the Managed Variable. It also forces you standardize your variables meaning you can make them modular and reuse existing ones without the need to rewrite the same instruction over and over.

    You could skip the above network location step however if you use procedure logging it could help explain why the setup files you want to copy failed or you could make you procedure skip the file copy part and make it reschedule it self to try again later.

    Next, instead of testing if the file exists on the network share I use XCOPY or Robocopy with a executeShellCommand to copy the expected file to agents working folder first and then I test if they file exists locally before I execute it. Because of the previous step I know I'm in the right network and I can attempt to blindly copy the file to the local computer.

    Now I found that this method works better with larger installs with many files like Office of Visio if you zip the setup files up and store it on your file server, that way if the archive fails to extract you know that the file copy was bad and it doubles as a rudimentary file integrity check for your setup files instead of having to test for each individual or just leaving it to chance.