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How to step through registry keys?

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Im trying to implement the Upstream Power Pack warranty information into a procedure. The supplied procedures for Dell warranties do not work properly. 

The included VBS script pulls down the warranty information and creates a new key in the registry for each value. It creates  HKLM\Software\DellWarrantyInformation 

Then within the DellWarranty Information it will create keys for each warranty type.

Here is an example:

The 0-6 are automaticaly created from this data

The included procedure from Upstream only displays information from Key 0. In this case Key 0 is the digital download and not the ProSupport Warranty. On other machines Key 0 IS the ProSupport warranty. Since dell is not consistent with the ordering of their warranty info I would like to create a procedure that would step through these keys 0-6 and only display the key matching ProSupport. Is it possible to create a loop to display the correct data using an agent procedure?


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    I'm not sure what you want to do with the data once you cycle through the reg keys, but using the getRegistryValue step to evaluate the keys should do what you want to do.  Nest them together to cycle through until you find the value you're expecting:

    Not knowing what you want to do with the data once you find the expected value, I used the updateSystemInfo (update a Custom Field) step after the registry key is evaluated.  Note:  I shortened the key in my sample to fit into the screenshot.

    Essentially, you want to evaluate the registry key for the existence (or lack of existence) of the value you're expecting and then do something with that data.  You can use the getVariable step if you want to use the result of the "correct" key in a later procedure step.

    There are probably other ways to accomplish what you're trying to do, but the above may be one example of what could work for you, or at least point you toward a possible solution. 

    You may also want to set the getRegistryValue step to "continue on fail" in the event you have some machines where not all of the expected keys (0-6) exist.  You'd probably want the process to evaluate any remaining keys, even if one happened to be missing.

    A general recommendation:  As you build your procedure, start as simply as possible, test the procedure to ensure you get the expected results, then add complexity.  This will make troubleshooting any errors much easier.

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  • Thank you , I can look into doing this.

    Here is a snip of what I am working with in the procedure supplied by UpStream,

    The vbs script will create multiple entries in the registry. The procedure only pulls from entry 0 as seen above. The correct information is not always in 0, it can be in 1 or 2 or 3 etc... I would like to step through these keys until I prosupport and then populate the information from that key into the custom fields. 

  • Have you looked at updatewarranty.com or warrantymaster.com to do the work for you?

  • Dell.txt

    I spent the last few days rewriting all the scripts included in that same pack. Attached is my modified Dell script. It will only import into the registry if it finds the warranty is called "ProSupport" or "Next Business Day Onsite". I've found the dates match up on machines with both but I have also found machines that do not have "ProSupport". 

    I also added the ability to pull in the start date of the warranty to act as a manufacture date within Kaseya.

  • Procedure Custom Field - Audit - Windows - Get DELL Workstation Warranty.xml

    And here is the procedure.