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user credential command not working in AP

  • I have a pretty simple batch file set to execute a .exe file. It works with my logon as i am an admin. Trying both the "usercredential" and "impersonateUser" without any success? In the executefile command i've tried to run as user and as system to no avail? I need to get this file to run whether or not there is an admin logged in. Thanks!

  • Hey  

    Are you using ExecuteFile or ExecuteShellCommand in your procedure?

    A screenshot of your procedure itself may help us identify the exact problem here, however it sounds similar to what we see with executefile step.

    Below is a previous thread on a similar discussion of executefile and executeshellcommand:


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  • Thanks Nicolas. I was using executeFile but I am know trying the Shell. I can’t get either way to work just yet unless an administrator is logged into windows? It doesn’t seem to be work at all if I have the usecredential in the procedure. The procedure looks like this;

    1 usecredential(“all operating systems”,”Halt on fail”)

    2 executeshellcommand(“c:\nextgen-r.bat”, “Exeute as user”, “all operating systems”, “halt on fail”)

    That’s it. Sorry I cannot screen shot right now as I’m away from my desk.  

    It will not execute the shell command or do anything with the usercredential in the procedure?