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Can the Kaseya VSA initiate an agent procedure from an email?

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Is it possible to invoke an agent procedure simply by sending an email to the VSA with specific parameters?

If so, can someone provide a link to documentation or examples of this?



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  • Not knowing exactly what you need to do or why, I'm taking a bit of a stab.  With that said, you could have an email sent to a specific address and use Ticketing or Service Desk to parse through that mailbox to generate tickets.  Then have rules/alerts configured to take the desired action - in this case, run an agent procedure based on some value within the ticket subject or body.  You could integrate other functions, as well, such as Policy Management, if you wanted to further automate.

    Another option would be to leverage event log monitoring.  You could have the endpoint generate a custom event when a specific trigger occurred.  Kaseya can watch for that custom event log entry and then take action (create ticket, create alarm, run an agent procedure, or send a  notification email) when that custom event log entry is first recorded.