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approving agent procedures

  • Hi,

    does anybody know how we can check that there are no "agents procedures" missing approval.

    suddenly lot of agent procs went failing for not being approved.

    rather annaying if control check are used to indicate within the dashboard for the operators.


  • Did you recently upgrade your VSA? I've seen this happen before post-upgrade. I had to manually reapply the database schema to resolve the issue. Beyond that, you should be able to see your agent procedures in Agent Procedures > Manage Procedures > Pending Approvals.

  • Hi  and

    I believe Ronny is looking for an automated method of checking/alerting/notifying that procedures are waiting for approval.

    There is no built-in function in the Kaseya UI for this request.

    Even checking the Database will be slightly complicated, from what I can tell there is no single table for "Scripts waiting for approval".

    The script will be immediately dropped into the ScriptIDTab regardless if it is approved.

    From there the script ID should be verified against the script approval table.

    Here is a sample query:

    SELECT scriptName FROM dbo.ScriptIdTab where ScriptId not in (select ScriptId from dbo.ScriptApproval)

    Leveraging this in a script / email will be more complicated.

    You can create a sqlread file similar to this. However, it will only show the top value. So if you have multiple scripts, it will only show you one.

    You can create a .sql file and output to text file, but leveraging that elsewhere becomes complicated.

    Also, keep in mind that all scripts that have not been approved will display.

    Sometimes scripts are not listed in 'Pending Approval' are not approved because only the 'Master' procedure has been approved and not the child procedures that correspond. (Usually running a Reapply Schema, Saving the Procedures, or Running KInstall over again fixes this, as  mentioned.)

    I created a script and .sql file to create the file and use get file to grab it, pretty basic. You can choose what to do with the file from there.

    I also created a SQLRead file which I renamed to reflect that in the .zip file if you choose to use that.

    Here are both the script/.sql file and the sqlread XML.

    All that is missing is some logic to distribute the file to the appropriate parties.



  • Try out Craigs Kaseya NOC.


  •  is correct, Craig Kaseya NOC dashboard calls a view called [dbo].[vw_AgentProceduresPendingApproval]

    You could also use this view or Craigs dashboard to track pending approvals.