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Script for the SSD filtering

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Hi all,

I am very new here, but am using Kaseya for a few years now. We survived a few ups and a few downs. English is not my native language (as you can feel :)) but I will do my very best!

Now my question, we have a procedure for turning off the fastboot option on windows 8 (8.1) after 5 days. But we noticed on SSD's its more stable when its just off. SSD's are fast enough to boot without fastboot ;).

So I started writing a procedure to query the disk drive's and let that script decide whether to fastboot or not.

But it does not work like this. I tried a few other things, but this is the most simple way to see it. We use the variable #global:ssd# in other scripts (including the fastboot).

At the end I use a "else" to mail us the unknown models. So I can filter the "hidden" ssd drives.

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  • Hi Cliff,

    Your IF steps are sub-steps of the first IF step and won't be executed.

    Move the sub-steps to the left and they will be executed.

    In Dutch:

    Je IF stappen zijn sub stappen van andere IF stappen en worden alleen uitgevoerd als de eerste IF waar is.

    Verplaats de substappen naar links, zodat ze onder elkaar staan, om ze allemaal uit te laten voeren.

  • Maybe you could use a GPO instead? You could filter on computer groups or by linking the GPO per OU.

    This is how we disable it per computer

  • Hi Cliff,

    It looks like the latest post is deleted although i received the mail with your reply.

    Some of your IF statements contains a minus sign, Kaseya thinks it has to calculate with the minus sign so it won't result as expected.

    Change the string and leave-out the minus signs. For example: change 'SanDisk SD6PP4M-256G-1006' to 'SanDisk SD6PP4M'

  • Hi,

    Thanks Patrick, it indeed was VERY VERY wrong. But you just keep on trying without even thinking. I listened to your advice, but still had no success.

    After a few minutes my mind started to come up with a very good idea. The else is wrong! It always will do an else even if it does an if.

    So I removed the else and started with putting the #global:ssd# variable to N. If it does an IF it changes it to Y.

    Now it just works ;-)

    Thanks man! Bedankt ;-)

  • Hi Cliff,

    That's great.

    You can create a custom field with the collected info. This custom field allows you to create a view to identify agents with a SSD.