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CaptureDesktopScreenshot Limit

  • I am using the captureDesktopScreenshot in a script to take a screenshot of a system once a day.  It had been working as expected for a while, but now I see the script running, but no new screenshots are added to the documents tab.  Is there a limit to how many documents are stored?

  • I'm not aware of a limit; however, captureDesktopScreenshot() will also only capture the primary monitor.  I use a program called Boxcutter as part of my suite of Stolen Laptop & Employee Monitoring scripts (posted here http://community.kaseya.com/resources/m/knowexch/86575.aspx) that takes a predetermined number of screenshots (all screens) at an interval you set, timestamps them (Windows only) and then zips & uploads them to the KServer... so if there /is/ a limit on the number of files, I'm not sure what that limit is (I don't see a hardcoded limit in Kaseya\WebPages\ConfigTab\getFilesData.asp).

    HTH Wink  It's not an answer, but a workaround...

  • Thanks Brian.  It looks like the captureDesktopScreenshot is not working on any machines for me.  I will open a ticket...

  • I just realized that it stopped collecting screen shots when I updated from 6.5 to 8.  Is there a known issue with this in R8?

  • After digging a bit deeper, it appears that an AuthAnvil script is causing the screen shot system script to fail.  Am I reading this correctly?

  • That looks like multiple procedures failing on their own.  Not related to each other.

  • I think the screen shot system script is calling the AuthAnvil system script:

  • I am working with support, it seems that there is a problem with the Auth Anvil integration.

    Brian, Thanks for our suggestion.  I am impressed with the updated stolen laptop script.  I had implemented previous versions of your script when our clients have had laptops stolen.

    Does Box Cutter save the screen shot to the local machine?  In the instance I need to take screen shots, it's a sensitive situation, so I can't have them left on the client even temporarily.