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Execute as System vs User with credentials

  • I have an agent procedure that has been working flawlessly for months, but  recently stopped working on one machine (Win 7).  The procedure downloads and runs a .cmd file which executes Ninite with all my parameters using the executeShellCommand with the RunAs set to "Execute as System".  Some testing on the machine manually had me thinking that it was permissions related.  So I changed the executeShellCommand RunAs to be "Execute as User" and added useCredentials.  The Procedure runs successfully on this machine with these mods.

    So what would cause the System account to not have permissions to execute Ninite?  Any ideas on what to change or where to look?   

  • I assume this is something changed with a Microsoft patch as you get the same behavior if you schedule a script in Scheduled Tasks. Just use inpersonate user in Kaseya and it should work as expected.