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Script to change Matrox display driver to Standard VGA driver

  • I'm pretty fed up with connecting to servers with KRC and having them run slow a molasses due to KRC not being compatible with the Matrox video driver.    I change them to the Standard VGA driver as I find them, but there is no instant gratification since the server needs to be rebooted to take effect.

    So, what I'm looking for is 2 scripts:

      The first would find the name of the current display driver and put it in a Kaseya custom field.  Then we can review them and find which ones are on the Matrix driver.

      The second script would change the driver to the standard VGA driver.  Once that is done we can schedule the servers for a reboot.

    Can anyone come up with those scripts?  That's a little beyond me.


    - Marc

  • You can use the agent procedure in this KB(helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../100414693-Poor-video-performance-when-connecting-to-agents-with-certain-graphics-adapters). This will change the drivers to standard vga.

  • Has this not been fixed in R9.0?

  • I'll let you know in a few weeks when we upgrade.   We're currently on and I experienced the issue yesterday.

  • We have run into this issue as well with Matrox cards; instead of flipping drivers, we noticed by disabling Hardware Acceleration on Server 2008/R2 and SBS 2008/2011, it significantly increased performance for what we could tell as minimal downside.

    Give it a try and see if it does the same thing with less potential problems with Drivers.

  • I'll second the turning off Hardware Acceleration has an easy fix. it only seems to affect the servers with Matrox G200 and those few I simply adjust the settings manually rather than make a script.