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Script for checking directory for latest log file and then attaching the log file and send email to user

  • Ok, so i want to setup a procedure that would do the following:

    1. Check a directory on server for the newest log file in that directory.

    2. save that log file to the K Server and then from there email the contents of the at log file or the log file to an email address.


  • The latest Upstream Power Pack (released just today!) includes a new Agent Procedure that does that:

    "New: Sys Mgmnt - Windows - Get Latest File Exaple: This example will scan a specific folder for the most recent updated file (newest) and upload the file to the Kaseya server. Excellent for archiving and auditing."

    UPP info here > upstream.se/.../upstream-kaseya-power-pack

  • still waiting on the link to come through to download the pack.. can you post the agent procedure please

  • I'm not sure how Upstream feels about sharing individual items, so I've e-mailed that one AP to you.

    Let us know how it work out.

  • Hi Buster. I'm in charge of the Upstream Kaseya Power Pack content as Mike describes. I see you signed up for the mailing list January 23:rd. Did you not get any follow up mail with the actual link to download?