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need sample procedure for drive mappings

  • guys,

    Would any of you have a sample procedure you could share with me that does drive mappings to a network share.. I would like to setup something similar using my kaseya install.. I have three network shares that I want to deploy to uses via a procedure.. thanks in advance for sharing your work.

  • This is the sort of thing I usually do outside Kaseya, via group policy. However, you most likely just need a "one liner" script that runs ExecuteShellCommand with "run as logged in user" ticked.

    The command is just net use x: \\server\share

    Of course this will only work if the user is logged in, has rights to access the share, etc.

  • To add to Craig's suggestion, If you want the mapped share to re-map after reboots, add the /PERSISTENT switch:

    net use x:  \\server\share /PERSISTENT:yes