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This agent procedure has not been approved yet - although it has been approved

  • Curious if anybody else has seen non-master users get failed procedures with error: "This agent procedure has not been approved yet." even though the procedure has been approved.  I can however as a Master, open the procedure and save it, then the script is allowed to run for them.



  • Are you validating the procedures after non-masters edit/create them?

  • Yes, procedures are being approved.  I have not tested it yet, but I am not sure if something related to I initially created a template procedure and then the non-master is making a copy of that procedure to create a new one.  I will probably have him create a procedure from scratch and I will create a simple procedure and have him copy it and see if any different results.

  • Leathel, this particular issue will be resolved in the next patch release, due the first week of September.

  • Ok, thanks.