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Need Help Querying Custom SQL Views

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We have configured a link server in SQL Management Studio and created a view in the ksubscribers database which references the link servers tables. We are able to retrieve the data with a SQL query in Server Management Studio, but when we run a procedure with that same query store in Kaseya's XML file repository we get the error:

FAILED in processing THEN step 1, Get Variable, with error Warning: call did not return any result data (Line 2)

The procedure is just 3 lines:

1) IF True

2) SQLread to variable

3) Send Email with variable to admins email

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  • How can I use this script in Kaseya? I have a query and put it into XML file such as you. I don't know how to use it in sqlread() or where can I find it? Although I add this file from Procedure agent